„Patients and medical professionals working together on equal terms!“

The German Sarcoma Foundation is an "all open organisation" where patients and experts fight together against sarcomas/GIST in future. A visible and impactful organisation within the German health system will evolve that consolidates all different aspects of the German sarcoma/GIST field. Only if patients, carers, professionals, researchers and healthcare professionals concentrate ressources and ways forward there will be enough awareness for rare cancers like sarcomas and GIST, to improve the situation of patients.


Die Deutsche Sarkom-Stiftung: Gemeinsam gegen Sarkome


Our vision

There will undoubtedly one day be a cure for sarcomas! Until then patients and experts must work together in an engaged, quality-, outcome- and patient-focused fashion as part of an organisation to ensure that more sarcoma patients in Germany survive or live longer and better lives.

Our mission

Engaged innovative research, high-quality diagnostics and therapies offered by sarcoma experts working in interdisciplinary teams and patient-focused support all play an important role in offering sarcoma patients a better prognosis. Patients and experts are to work together in the following six areas:

Area 1:  Sarcoma research
Area 2:  Patient-centred care structures
Area 3:  Quality and accuracy of diagnoses/therapies
Area 4:  Knowledge transfer
Area 5:  Patient support
Area 6:  Sarcoma awareness

Our values

DSS 2020 Werte Teamwork

Teamwork & Networking: Patients and medical professionals working together on equal terms

DSS 2020 Werte International

International: In well-established patient and expert organisations or in internationally initiated and supported projects

DSS 2020 Werte Praxisnahe

Proximity to patients/centres: Close to the patients' real needs and those of the experts and centres

DSS 2020 Werte Forschung

Research: jointly with patients, not just about them, result-driven whilst being aware of the available resources

DSS 2020 Werte Wirtschaftlichkeit

Economic viability: Meaningful and economic use of its finances in line with the Foundation’s mission

DSS 2020 Werte Neutralitat

Neutrality and autonomy: Despite close co-operation with commercial enterprises



The Foundation’s governing bodies

Board of directors, board of trustees (consulting, support, project and work groups, „Patient help sarcoma/GIST“ area 5)
Address Deutsche Sarkom-Stiftung
Caspar-Bender-Weg 31
61200 Wölfersheim (Södel), Deutschland
Patient-Helpline: +49 (0)700 4884 0700
Website: www.sarkome.de
Facebook & Twitter: @Sarkomstiftung
Registration 24. Oktober 2019
RP Darmstadt I 13 – 25d 04.10/1-2019
Non-profit foundation, note of 29. Nov. 2019 (tax office Gießen)
Statutes Founding version as of 22 July and 4 October 2019
Finances Initial asset: 160.000,-- EUR
Tax number: 20 250 84827
VAT-ID: DE327478653
Donation account

Volksbank Mittelhessen
IBAN: DE73 5139 0000 0073 1063 03